Posted on: February 28, 2010 6:46 am
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Last day of the Olympics

This is the last day of the Olympic games, and this year I have found the Olympics to be above average. From the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Lindsey Vonn saga, Apolo Ohno's record metal count, to Bode Miller getting his props, lots of events caught my attention. Shaun White makes me wonder why I the X-Games on ESPN is not a major winter event. We saw the Men's 4 man bobsled team shock everyone. This afternoon is the gold metal hockey game, I will be chanting USA from my couch.

I enjoyed some of the background stories that these Olympics brought. The Canadain skater Joannie Rochette who seem to be skating for her deceased mother stands out in my mind. I also found the Canadian hockey team to be a breath of fresh air. The young girls accomplishing their task and partying like it is 1999. I do not care what any stuffy official thinks or what drinking law they broke. It is a celebration even if it is was against the US. You do not have to apologize to me. I was upset that USA lost, I will get over it. I must say I did discover curling. Even though the US womans and mens team seem to suck at it. I enjoyed the Canadian crowed cheering the womans and mens team. They even sang their national anthem, what a moment!

I feel the announcer were "to professional" if you ask me. The anchor heads seem like this was another job, while they introduced us to events they read of the teleprompter flawlessly. I want them to take a test later to see if they were paying attention to what they were reading. The sportcasters and analysts were just a little to excited if you ask me. I also found NBC trying to squeeze every last drop they could on any feat that was done. If there was a problem or a fantastic story with the games they seem to emphasize it 3 different ways from Sunday. I feel the sportcasters should explain the events they are working. The rules, traditions and who are the players are is why they are there. Do not assume that we know all the rules. A sport like curling should try to have those annoucer point this out to attract other viewers. It migh seem redundant, but I had to check other websites and various outlets about the rules of the game when I did not understand a certain play. I feel if I had to do that, they did not do their jobs.

Everyone seem to be fixated on medal counts and how many the country has won. If you won 2 gold 1 silver 1 bronze, is it the same as winnning 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze. The total might be the same, but if I put value on the prizes, say 3 points for gold, 2 for silver, 1 for bronze the total are a bit different. I know if these were standings like hockey this would put a different spin on it. I feel if you are going to count medal this is format you should use, not how many medal the country got. True it might be an acheivement to get a medal, but to be truly competitive you should have value on those medals.

So today I will watch the Olympic hockey gold metal game, then the closing ceremonies. No more watching 3am replays on TV before I go to work. I can get use to having a bowl of flakes and watching figure skating on TV. I will probably go through some type of withdrawal symptoms.  Anyone for major league baseball in Japan? That would be on at 5am right?Cool
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Stuck on Curling

I just finished watching No 1 Kansas lose to Oklahoma State. I also have been watch serveral college games that is to numereous to mention. So why am I, when flipping my channels, always make a stop the "the curling channel" CNBC, or USA?

As I continue watching the Olympics it seems to me that the only think NBC can not "tape" or delay is the curling and hockey. The hockey is on later tonight (the bronze medal game). So I am left taking a peak all afternoon and evening at curling.

I believe I have already given to much attention to curling. It is similar to watching baseball. I believe you have to been in the stands or have played the game to understand it.

 It seem very simple enought to understand, place the stones in the center and be the closest to score points. There is strategy behind the game, like placing a "guard" to prevent your stone from being knocked off the board.

So I am still searching, do I need a life, join the curling gym, or just sit back and enjoy something new.

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Posted on: February 26, 2010 8:58 pm

Snowed in

Today I was forced to stay home. Where I live there is 2 feet of snow, and nobody in their right mind (except the kids) is going out there in this weather. So I was starved for some sporting action. Since the Olympics are on TV this afternoon I had little choice but to watch it. I saw the mens hockey in which the United States took a commanding 6-0 in the first periord over Finland and never looked back. They won 6-1.

 I saw my new discover sporting event that I want to try, curling. In woman's action China gave a beat down to Switzerland so bad that they did not finish the game.

The Olympics will be finished this weekend and my mind will automatically focus on March madness. Tomorrow morning I will dig out my car and get some supplies for the weekend. (Okay groceries, but it sounds very rugged). Right now Canada is in a extra end (extra innings or overtime to us American mortals). This sport is very interesting to me, like bowling, I do not know of any curling palaces in my city, but maybe one day someone friend or foe will take me there and I will know the true spirit of the sportSmile

 So as cabin fever sets in I hope to find that the Olympic never end. It has saved me from a honey do list an arm length long and chores I did not want to do anyway.
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Posted on: February 25, 2010 8:41 pm

As the Olympic Flame burns.

I have been watching the Olympics faithfully. I have enjoyed watching the winter athletes compete. There have been some interesting stories, and of course I have been rooting the United States to win in all the sporting events. When reality sets in that we can not do that, I have been admiring other country athletes. The Koreans in speed skating, the Canadians in curling, etc. I am just a litte upset that we can not hold the Olympics every year.

I will not dwell on the negative. I think NBC seem tired in the way they broadcast the games. Super hyped announcers with bored looking anchorman in the studio. Or the media attention to bickering teammates on a he said/she said to make it seem they will have a death match after the Olympics.

In the end I am going to wish I was there, knowing that I can not afford to but for a couple of weeks it sure is a nice diversion from the normal NHL, NBA, College Basket routine.
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Posted on: February 21, 2010 4:16 pm

The 2010 Winter Olympics-Curling

I have been watching the Olympics, I have seen various events that I know I will not be seeing for another 4 years. Most of these sports are just not shown on a national scale, like the biathlon, or short track speed skating. It is just not shown, because there is no Wide World of Sports that shows them on a Saturday afternoon anymore. 

Since NBC shows the Olympic at 4am, there is sports on CNBC and MSNBC. I have turned on the TV before I go to work and since I really do not want to watch the rerun show of the Olympics that was shown at 8pm I watch the alternative channels and usually catch the hockey or curling. Sometime I do not have a choice and am forced to watch curling.I realize this is not our national sport, so like cross country skiing, or bobsledding I do not expect great competition. I do expect to compete and to be mention on how tough the team is whether it wins or loses. Top 5 honors would be nice to see, but I seeing the opposite.

My comments about curling are very novice and naive. We are getting a beat down in both the mens and womans curling. There seems to be a lack of any winning strategy. The US Olympic squad is losing like a new sports franchise. The mens curling team even benched the captain John Shuster for a game, which seems to put spark back into the Mens team. The Womans team has it problems as well going through line-up changes of their own since Debbie McCormick has lost her edge. Both teams are tied for 7th place in the standings.

There have been some comments about the curling crowd being to rowdy and pro Candian. I say this Olympics and every countrys national pride is at stake including the hometown. So scream at the top of your lungs

I am disappointed that we are not doing better and I feel a depression when I start my day for work. My wife say why I touture myself with this sport, all they are doing is sweeping. If I want to watch sweeping watch pick up a broom and clean the house. I know why, because I suport my team and country so lets go USA.
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Posted on: February 15, 2010 1:25 pm

108,000 All-Stars

I enjoyed the game and did not care who won. That is a lot of people to watch a game at an areana. The half time show was ok, it beats the Who. The game is what I expected, no defense and lots of fastbreak (down hill)ball. It is just a great exhibition game.
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Posted on: February 14, 2010 5:24 pm

NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All star game is here. The second best all star game outside of baseball. The fact that it is an offensively minded game with no defense makes the game exciting. There will be dunks after dunks and a fastbreak offensive style. So there will be no real hard foul called. All my favorite players will be there and this will just be eye candy to watch this game.

I will enjoy it!

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Posted on: February 13, 2010 7:54 pm

The Opening of the Olympics.

Another winter Olympics are here. The opening ceremony was very impressive. I am sure that there will be inspirational stories about the athletes that will be heard through the games. Right now the two stories are the bad weather on the ski slopes, and the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili.

The International Luge Federation is investigating the luge track for safety. Some say it was build for to much speed. In this day and age when we the public wants records and exciting finishes at what cost are the athletes being sacraficed. It seems that athletes need to train when they are children to become sucessful in any sports not just the Olympics. Some are willing to cheat to achieve this glory. Do we need the governing bodies to also encourage this as well? I am sure they will put some band-aid safety replacements for the track, but I am concern that the Federation is white washing the safety of all lugers just to get their sport 15 minutes of fame. I hope the Georgian lugers death was not in vein.

The weather in Vancouver has not be cooperating with skiers. It is mushy pack which does not make skiing possible. It is generally slush. This helps womans skiing favorite Lindsey Vonn with her injured shin. I have a question if anyone is reading this, will the sking competition still go on if they do not get snow. Will they delay the closing ceremonies so they can get it in? Or will they cancel the sking segment all together? It would be an interesting dilema.

So bring on the million hours of Olympics. I will have my snacks and drinks ready.

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