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Last day of the Olympics

Posted on: February 28, 2010 6:46 am
Edited on: February 28, 2010 3:17 pm
This is the last day of the Olympic games, and this year I have found the Olympics to be above average. From the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Lindsey Vonn saga, Apolo Ohno's record metal count, to Bode Miller getting his props, lots of events caught my attention. Shaun White makes me wonder why I the X-Games on ESPN is not a major winter event. We saw the Men's 4 man bobsled team shock everyone. This afternoon is the gold metal hockey game, I will be chanting USA from my couch.

I enjoyed some of the background stories that these Olympics brought. The Canadain skater Joannie Rochette who seem to be skating for her deceased mother stands out in my mind. I also found the Canadian hockey team to be a breath of fresh air. The young girls accomplishing their task and partying like it is 1999. I do not care what any stuffy official thinks or what drinking law they broke. It is a celebration even if it is was against the US. You do not have to apologize to me. I was upset that USA lost, I will get over it. I must say I did discover curling. Even though the US womans and mens team seem to suck at it. I enjoyed the Canadian crowed cheering the womans and mens team. They even sang their national anthem, what a moment!

I feel the announcer were "to professional" if you ask me. The anchor heads seem like this was another job, while they introduced us to events they read of the teleprompter flawlessly. I want them to take a test later to see if they were paying attention to what they were reading. The sportcasters and analysts were just a little to excited if you ask me. I also found NBC trying to squeeze every last drop they could on any feat that was done. If there was a problem or a fantastic story with the games they seem to emphasize it 3 different ways from Sunday. I feel the sportcasters should explain the events they are working. The rules, traditions and who are the players are is why they are there. Do not assume that we know all the rules. A sport like curling should try to have those annoucer point this out to attract other viewers. It migh seem redundant, but I had to check other websites and various outlets about the rules of the game when I did not understand a certain play. I feel if I had to do that, they did not do their jobs.

Everyone seem to be fixated on medal counts and how many the country has won. If you won 2 gold 1 silver 1 bronze, is it the same as winnning 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze. The total might be the same, but if I put value on the prizes, say 3 points for gold, 2 for silver, 1 for bronze the total are a bit different. I know if these were standings like hockey this would put a different spin on it. I feel if you are going to count medal this is format you should use, not how many medal the country got. True it might be an acheivement to get a medal, but to be truly competitive you should have value on those medals.

So today I will watch the Olympic hockey gold metal game, then the closing ceremonies. No more watching 3am replays on TV before I go to work. I can get use to having a bowl of flakes and watching figure skating on TV. I will probably go through some type of withdrawal symptoms.  Anyone for major league baseball in Japan? That would be on at 5am right?Cool
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